North Country Development (NCD) is a small company located in Canton, New York. We build custom software and websites for individuals & small to large businesses!

We noticed the demand for updated and modernized websites in the North Country, and other many other secluded areas. In this day and age, an individual’s first impression is almost always an organization’s website! We take our customer satisfaction seriously, and we can help build you a great first impression for prospective customers!

It doesn’t matter if you are a local business owner or a student trying to build their online portfolio, we’re are nearly always available and are willing to negotiate the best price for your buck than all other competitors! Contact us for business proposals and we’ll respond back ASAP with a quote!

Interesting enough, we don’t only build software and websites for others. We’re typically working on our own products to improve different industries with better automation! If you are interested, check out our blog! We will be consistently updating it with our current projects and ideas. If you have any feedback, go ahead and throw us an email. We appreciate everyone’s opinion and will work toward incorporating public suggestions in our work.


We are always available! It might take up to 24 hours to respond to a request, but you should expect a fast response! We have a queue system if multiple orders are being processed at the same time. You will be notified of the project’s expected completion date within our return quote. Orders typically take between 5-7 business days to complete depending on the project. We begin working on each order based on the time we accept them and we will not work on other websites unless it is first in the queue.

We respond fastest to emails sent to info@ncdevelopment.net. Make sure you send your proposal to appropriate email address!


The process to ordering a website from North Country Development is very simple. We will break it down within seven detailed steps.

Step 1:

Submit a contact request using the form down below or on our “Contact” page found at the top navigation bar of this website.

Provide contact information, and a brief description regarding your project. We suggest telling us the name of your organization, or state that it’s an individual portfolio.

If you already have a website, please include a link to that webpage in the description.

Step 2:

Wait for a response from our team. We will give you a quote on the project, and ask several specific questions to understand the project clearly.

Step 3:

Respond back with the information we request.

Step 4:

We will begin working on the website, but further information may be requested. We will be designing the site using your input, so we try to stay in contact with you to make sure the text descriptions on the website are correct.

Step 5:

You will be given a sample website URL displaying the work we’ve done, and we’ll accept the payment for the project to be completed.

When you own a website, you have to own a domain name and a hosting service. The domain name is the URL typed in to visit your website, for an example: “www.ncdevelopment.net”. This will typically cost $11-$14 per year from https://www.godaddy.com/. The hosting service cost approximately $5 for the first year, and $12 for years after the first. You are welcome to purchase the domain name, and hosting service yourself. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, we will host the website and purchase the domain for $30 a year.

Step 6:

After the payment is confirmed, we will setup your domain name on our hosting service. The website will be presentable to everyone in the world. You will be given access to the administration panel to update information on the site in the future. We will spend a reasonable amount of time teaching you how to manually update the website.

Step 7:

We will receive your feedback and tidy up the website to perfection based on your response.

After this step is completed, we will not touch the website unless you propose another project to update or modify it in the future.


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